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Parker Fluid Controls, Life Sciences

The Precision Fluidics Division of Parker Hannifin is a leading supplier of miniature fluidic Components and System Solutions integral to the world’s life sciences, life safety & high technology markets.

Miniature Solenoid Valves

Batistoni Parker Miniature Solenoid Valves

Parker provides life science OEMs with high speed >miniature solenoid valvesproduct quality and reliability while minimizing costs.

Miniature Liquid Valves

Batistoni Parker Miniature Liquid Valves

Parker’s Precision Fluidics brand of miniature inert liquid valves are known for dependable performance, compatibility with a wide range of media and operating conditions. Applications in Analytical Chemistry and Clinical diagnostics markets require a wide range of fluidic control solutions that can be fulfilled by the Precision Fluidics expertise.

Miniature Proportional Valves

Batistoni-Parker Miniature Proportional Valves

Parker is the unrivaled global leader in proportional valve technology offering the widest range (0.01 LPM to 500 LPM) of miniature proportional valves to meet the needs of the most demanding precision gas flow applications for Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Diagnostics. Parker valves are known for their dependable performance and compatibility in all operating conditions.

Miniature Pumps

Batistoni Parker Miniature Pumps Micro Mini

Parker’s miniature diaphragm pump line provides the highest flow per Watt available on the market. Our miniature pumps are suited for applications ranging from portable battery powered devices, such as air sampling, to laboratory and medical instrumentation. Parker also provides a full line of miniature liquid diaphragm pumps with an excellent track record in medical, scientific instruments and harsh industrial applications. The unique diaphragm design, combined with our close attention to bearing and motor design details, provides customers with substantial cost savings and reduced field service time.


Electronic Pressure Controllers

Batistoni-Parker Electronic Pressure Controllers

Parker also offers a range of Miniature Electronic Pressure Controllers which can convert a variable electrical control signal into a variable pneumatic output. For customers who want to electronically regulate a pressure or a back pressure in an application these controllers deliver a complete closed-loop control in a miniature package. Sized to minimize internal volume and ease integration, these Electronic Pressure Controllers are ideal for replacing manual regulators, needle valves and vent orifices where precise pressure control is critical. Using Parker Hannifin’s patented VSO® proportional valve and integral closed loop control, these units are perfect choice for carrier gas flow control, micro-fluidic flow control, vacuum pump control and dispense applications.


Batistoni Parker Pressure Regulators

Parker offers a range of air line, pressure high flow and single-phase regulators for instrumentation, filtration, refrigeration and pneumatic applications. Instrumentation regulators are used in the process, power, oil, gas and semiconductor industries to control the flow of liquids and gases with speed and precision. Air regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for the most demanding industrial air preparation applications. Parker regulators are available as miniature, economy, compact, standard, hi-flow and pilot-operated regulators to meet a variety of service needs. The refrigeration line of pressure regulators includes valves that control inlet, outlet or differential pressure. Each regulator is available with an assortment of variations which enable one regulator to perform multiple functions. All regulators are built to the highest quality standards, recognized around the world for their performance, durability and reliability.


BBatistoni Parker OEM Controll Fluid Systems

Parker Precision Fluidics will customize solutions and sub-assemblies to our OEM customers to solve complex instrument designs. Our unique OEM sub-system capability comes from our deep fluidic product portfolio including pumps, valves, additional control products, and our deep experience in the Analytical Chemistry and Clinical Diagnostics markets. Our system expertise reduces your time to market and delivers a unique solution to fit your specific project needs..

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