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Couplings and joints, Adhesives and lubricants, Ground chrome bars, Diversified technical articles

Couplings and joints

  • Elastic, lamellar, toothed joints
  • Cardan shafts for encoders
  • Hydraulic couplers
  • Torque limiters
  • Swivel terminals
  • Ball joints
  • Self-centering, anti-vibration locks

Adhesives and lubricants

  • Silicone sealants
  • Structural instant adhesives
  • Anaerobic adhesives
  • Cyanoacrylate, acrylic, epoxy adhesives
  • Greases, spray lubricants, paste, powder
  • Molidene disulfide lubricants
  • Unblockers and degreasers

Diversified technical articles

  • Normal and stainless steel Seeger rings
  • Keys
  • diversified and tempered, elastic and conical cylindrical pins
  • cup springs
  • compensating rings
  • copper washers, rollers and rollers
  • balls, ring nuts, rosettes
  • clamps (stainless or plastic)
  • handles, knobs, leaflets


  • Ground chrome bars
  • Chrome ground bars C45, AISI 303, 304, 316
  • Hardened bars
  • Chrome hardened bars Cf53, X46, X90
  • Chromed tubes internally and externally
  • Externally chromed pipes
  • Internally chromed tubes

oleodynamic power packs

  • Standard oleodynamic power units
  • High performance hydraulic power units
  • oleodynamic power packs for the paper industry
  • oleodynamic power units for the tanning sector
  • Complex hydraulic systems for any industrial sector
  • Testing and assistance

Oleodynamic and hydraulic components

  • Accessories for the oleodynamic and hydraulic sector
  • Components for oleodynamic and hydraulic power packs
  • Directional, proportional, in-line and cartridge valves
  • Control valves
  • Distributors and plates

Fluid control

  • Solenoid valves for applications in the automation sector
  • Solenoid valve with actuator
  • Steam / high temperature solenoid valves and heating

Sealing elements

  • Oil seal rings on rotating shafts
  • scraper rings for rods of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
  • anti-extrusion rings
  • Guide bands
  • O Ring seals for static and dynamic seals in NBR / Viton / Silicone
  • lip and pack gaskets, O-Ring by the meter


  • Filters for hydraulic systems
  • Filters for lubrication systems
  • Filters for pneumatic systems
  • Wide range of filter elements
    interchangeable with the most qualified competitors

Precision module gears

  • Plastic module pinions
  • Delrin Hostaform, Brass, Aluminum
  • Bevel gears, fronts, racks, worm with crown
  • Guide bushes
  • Planetary gearboxes
  • Relative angle transmissions

Radial and linear movement

  • Rolling bearings (balls or rollers) micro precision (plastic or stainless steel)
  • Wheels, idler pins, freewheels, roller cage
  • Bushings
  • Swivel monobloc supports
  • Clamping sleeves
  • Sleeves and ball screws
  • Screw construction unit


  • Accumulators
  • units
  • Coupling lanterns
  • Filters
  • Idroguide
  • Oleodynamic motors
  • Vane and piston gear pumps
  • Proportional control valves
  • Design and construction of systems and components to design


  • Cilindri. Comandi manuali
  • Deceleratori. Silenziatori. Manipolatori
  • Forcelle. Manometri
  • Gruppi filtro regolatore lubrificatore
  • Raccorderia rotolini in Ptfe
  • Tubi Rilsan ed Extraflex
  • Tavole rotanti
  • Connettori elettrici Faston


  • Wheels and supports for industrial, civil and domestic use
  • Wheels and supports for civil and domestic use
  • Wheels for medium and heavy loads
  • Wheels for mechanical handling
  • High temperature wheels
  • Rollers and trabatelli

Diagnostic systems

  • Complete diagnostic systems for pressure detection
  • Complete diagnostic systems for temperature detection
  • Complete diagnostic systems for flow detection
  • Number of laps
  • System for detecting contamination of hydraulic oils
  • Lubricant contamination detection system


  • High quality components for instrumentation
  • High quality components for process control
  • Very high purity uses
  • Analytical applications

Belt drive transmission

  • Conventional narrow section trapezoidal belts
  • Belts for variators
  • Toothed type MXL - XL - L - H - T - HTD - DUAL - POLYV - RPP - AT
  • Pulleys with trapezoidal grooves, in cast iron, in light alloy, with clamping bush
  • Conventional and pulley toothed pulleys
  • Variable diameter expansion pulleys
  • Toothed bars

Transmission of gear motion

  • Pinions and crowns of steel
  • Chain tensioner with bearing
  • Module gears
  • Helical-helical couples by drawing or sample
  • Trapezoidal threaded screws with bronze or steel nuts
  • Carbon / stainless steel chains industrial / agricultural / transmission / transport
  • Racks

Power transmissions

  • Electric motors
  • Mechanical and hydraulic speed reducers and gearmotors
  • Speed ​​variators and variable speed drives
  • Angle transmissions
  • Motorized and idle rollers
  • Slides for electric motors and clutches
  • Electromagnetic train couplings and clutch groups

Pipes and fittings

  • Hoses
  • Fittings for rigid and flexible pipes
  • Connection components
  • Measuring devices with relative accessories for hydraulic systems
  • Measuring devices for pneumatic systems
  • PTS Service
  • Hose Doctor Service


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